Successful cases

Июль 10, 2016

Client: hardware online store

Chosen traffic source: Google AdWords, Yandex Direct

Used tools:

  1. Search advertising Google AdWords, Yandex Direct. It’s goal is to increase sales;
  2. Remarketing Google AdWords, retargeting Yandex Direct by category. Goal: to return visitors who have not completed the purchase of goods, increase brand awareness;
  3. Dynamic remarketing. Goal: to return of visitors who have not completed the purchase of goods, keep brand awareness;
  4. Video advertising on YouTube. Goal: to increase brand awareness, increase sales.
  5. Brand advertising.

The best tools of contextual advertising were selected to promote the client’s online store. Next, the top categories of goods were chosen with the client, on their basis target key requests were selected, the negative keywords were filtered, and contextual advertising was launched. Using all ad extensions in search advertising gave a significant increase to the search network’s clickthrough rate (CTR). The conversion rate grew thanks to dynamic and time-based remarketing. By using video advertising on YouTube we got inexpensive traffic of relevant audience, which was successfully converted into sales.

The work was structured as follows: — each month I launched 10 new top product categories for promotion (the most seasonal and marginal goods); — Meanwhile I optimized previous 10 categories, which were set up in the past month. Such a strategy has yielded positive results. As gradual development of product categories contributed to the maximum concentration on the optimization of a small number of advertising campaigns and the development of new ones. Due to this, errors were minimized and KPIs were improved.

Adjusting bids based on the day of the week, the demographic data, and the time of day allowed the ads to appear in the most suitable time for the purchase. The split of campaigns by cities with the corresponding ad texts gave greater visitors’ involvement in the proposition, an increase in CTR and a decrease in the cost of a click. Qualitatively optimized audience by sex and age minimized expenses and irrelevant ad views. During all work the site has been optimized several times for better usability. The adaptive layout of the site was also fully optimized, which resulted in the growth of transactions from mobile devices. Qualitatively tuned analytics reports gave the opportunity to build a sales funnel and have been  most helpfull in optimizing contextual advertising and the site itself. All these events have led to a high return on investment in advertising. In the same way, associated transactions with a large share of contextual advertising increased significantly.

Case № 2

Client: Schengen Visa services

Since this market niche is characterized by the high competition  and high price of a click — the following strategy was developed:

  1. Collect as many low-frequency requests as possible and put them into a separate campaign.
  2. Requests with high frequency and low frequency are split in few separate campaigns with limited daily budget and keep the 3-4 place in the search to maintain efficient conversion cost.
  3. DSK is set up for Google Display Network. It’s a way to connect with those users, who made relevant requests in google search, and it’s cheaper than usual search ads.
  4. Is set up customized remarketing and retargeting.
  5. Bids are adjusted.
  6. Search remarketing with a unique offer is set up.
  7. Target audience is qualitatively filtered.

After a month of advertising, the client called me and said that they can not cope with the flow of applications and asked to put the campaign on hold until he will expandethe staff.

DSK gave the price per click 4.5 times less than search advertising and 27% more leads.

Case №3

Client: Online clothing store

The following strategy was developed (considering both quick sales and a long-term goals):

  1. Google Shopping.
  2. Dynamic remarketing.
  3. Regular remarketing for a variety of conditions and with different offers, including the avg. session duration, bounce rate and other indirect parameters which affect the involvement of the visitor.
  4. Google AdWords Search advertising.
  5. GDN capiaigns targeted by relevant audiences and cross-targeted campaigns.
  6. In addition, I set up Dynamic search ads, because of the huge range of products.
  7. Specific campaign for YouTube targeted on relevant video channels.
  8. Gmail advertising for the target audience.


  1. ROI standed at 545% and more.
  2. The cost of attracting a lead after optimization was around 180 rubles., while client asked to keep it less than 300 rubles. He was glad.
  3. Direct traffic grew by 32% in 3 months.

Case №4

Client: Garage construction services.

Highly competitive market niche, location — Moscow. Limited budget.

Strategy points:

  1. Set up a GDN cmapiaign to keep low CPC.
  2. Remarketing.
  3. DSK.
  4. Specific YouTube campaigns as additional source of cheep relevant traffic.

Further settings: added search advertising, with concentration on the low-cost keywords.

Case №5

Client: Concrete flooring services

Client’s target audience: industrial enterprises, hotels, hospitals, cafes, restaurants.

The task was literally to make a miracle.
The site was not so good, BUT:
• With developing a group of beautiful animated banners;
• Creating a custom affinity audience for the GDN;
• Customizing display ads, YouTube, and remarketing

A week later the client asked to pause advertising, because his phone wouldn’t stop ringing and 4 large objects were already taken into operation.
Then we made another serie of banners for another affinity audience.

We ordered a video and advertised it on YouTube — the results you can check by watching video review.
The niche is purely b2b and all orders have been made through the phone

Case №6

Client: Baby and child store

Task: increase sales of children’s bicycles

What was done:

  • Analysis of competitors using paid services, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and my client;
  • Creation of a target audience detailed portrait using special tools;
  • Setting up e-commerce tracking;
  • Setting up Google Analytics;
  • Call tracking setup;
  • Building end-to-end analytics;
  • Development of Google AdWords search campaign;
  • Development of GDN campaigns;
  • Remarketing;
  • Qualitive optimization, the correction of bids by various parameters;

The results you can see on the screen and in the video review:

Case №7

Client: medical equipment online store

Task: to increase sales of the online store

VERY demanding customer. However, communication is at the highest level. Maximum openness, involvement in the project and long discussions of the tasks lead to excellent results! It is a great honor for me to work with such a person. Low bow to you Alex — You really are a great marketer!

What have been done:
1. Analysis of competitors;
2. Setting up analytics;
3. Setting up call tracking, as more than 60% of orders go through calls;
4. Setting up e-commerce tracking;
5. Building end-to-end analytics, implementing a CRM system — on the client side;
6. Creation advertising campaigns on numerous categories of the Internet shop from scratch (more than 300 campaigns in each of accounts);
7. Careful double check of selected keywords, negative keywords, ad texts, all ad extensions;
8. Split of campaigns by cities with specific addresses for each individual city (the client has a network of offline stores)
9. Google AdWords search, GDN, some categories for remarketing ( only ones which Google allows to promote with remarketing);
10. Dynamic search campaigns Google AdWords gave a high conversion rate;

Results in the video review. Unfortunately, I do not have the screen.

Case №8

Client: Outdoor advertising services, video output, led panels etc.

Task: bring sales to the Internet.

The main difficulties:
• Limited budget;
• Director prefers old school methods, all communication went through his marketer (with him I immediately found a common language);
• Some competitors have long history on the market and possess large warehouses;
• Unstable dollar exchange rate and constant change of prices in the purchase of materials for manufacturing. Not very promissing.

What have been done:
1. Analysis of competitors, there were not many but they they were stronger;
2. Comparative analysis of competitors and customers;
3. Google AdWords advertising campaigns development from scratch;
4. The search campaign turned out to be the least suitable, because of highly competitive segments, the budget was limited;
5. We switched to the Display Network with targeting on affinity audiences, keywords, custom affinity audiences, placements, YouTube;
6. Created a beautiful animated banner;
7. Remarketing.

The result is in the video review. Banner advertising gave a good increase in calls at a much lower price for the transition than the search. While competitors were interrupting each other in their search, we excellently took customers from GDN, remarketing and retargeting. That’s the whole trick