How I work

Июль 10, 2016

Account setting:

  1. Account structure — similar to the structure of the site, which is convenient for the customer;
  2. Fine-tuning of all parameters.

Selection of key queries:

  1. I use pay-licensed software;
  2. I am working on a variety of minus declination requests and words;
  3. Breakin requests for the respective groups;
  4. Do hot, warm, cold calling;
  5. Do breakdown by geography;
  6. Quality filters minus the words.

Setting search campaign:

  1. On one key query 4 announcements. Two for desktop computers, two ads are adapted for mobile devices.
  2. Spend A / B test ad text;
  3. Amounts to selling text ads in accordance with the principle of ODCA, using USP indicate the price of the goods
  4. for the screening audience no solvent;
  5. I use all possible ad extensions;
  6. Adaptive dynamic search campaigns.

GDN Setting:

  1. I use all kinds of targeting (interests, key questions, placements, topics, demographic data);
  2. Qualitatively, hand-pick the placement site;
  3. I worked out lists of negative words to filter out non-targeted placement sites;
  4. Sift screenings by category of sites, mobile applications, rule shows to YouTube (YouTube for a separate campaign do);
  5. I design animated banner;
  6. Customizable targeting point for most of the target audience;
  7. My CTR on the Display Network reaches not hundredths, not tenths of a percent, but much larger values … you see it for yourself;
  8. Customizable cross-targeting;
  9. In the course of conducting your campaign is optimized to achieve high class performance;
  10. Spend a campaign aimed at increasing brand awareness.

Setting remarketing:

  1. Customizable search remarketing;
  2. Customizable remarketing on any terms, for example, went to the category and does not put in the basket; We
  3. went to the category, put in the basket and not ordered; We went to the category and bought for repeat sales, etc. …
  4. Dynamically configure / trade remarketing;
  5. Customizable video remarketing and more.

Extras. services

  1. Automatically adjusted to target the weather, if your business is related to weather conditions;
  2. Rates are adjusted automatically adjust depending on weather conditions;
  3. Customizable product listings for online shopping;
  4. Rates are adjusted automatically adjust depending on the prices of competitors on reklamiruyuye you
  5. Rates are adjusted automatically adjust depending on weather conditions;
  6. Customizable track any targets / actions of users on the site in Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics;
  7. Adjustable import costs with Yandex Direct in Google Analytics;
  8. Customizable phone boom, if your niche is dependent on call;
  9. Customizable tracking offline orders, b-to-b sales;
  10. Customizable ads on Gmail;
  11. For a highly competitive niche tune DSK;
  12. Customizable adjustments of rates for various conditions.