About me

Июль 10, 2016

Let’s get acquainted? 🙂

Hello! My name is Pirogov Stanislav. I am 32 years old. Higher technical education.

I work not only as a contractor but also as an advisor in your project to increase the effectiveness of your marketing. I’ll become a rainmaker in your project

For last 5 years I work as a contextual advertising specialist. During this time I have successfully set up over 600 advertising accounts for various market niches. I work with landing pages, mobile applications, small shops and large online stores with monthly budgets over $30,000.

I always develop effective individual promotion strategies for my clients, give recommendations on site optimization and advertising campaigns, set up fully automated reporting with informative tables and graphs.

You can contact me directly during working hours: Mon-Fri from 9.00 to 18.00

Or you can send me a message and I will respond as soon as I see it.

I am goal-focused and results-oriented. I will keep you on track and provide whatever support you need to be successful. I believe in measuring the effectiveness of our work and will help you track the results of each project and make changes as needed.


The structure of the account should be simple and understandable. This helps to improve the accuracy of reaching the target audience and avoid budget waste. In addition, like that it’s more convenient to track campaign performance.

The most common method of organizing an AdWords account is to create a structure similar to your site where each ad group matches one webpage, product or product category of your website.

To collect best keywords:

  • I use licensed software;
  • Manually go through negative keywords;
  • Split keywords into corresponding groups;
  • Allocate «hot», «warm» and «cold» requests;
  • Create a location-based segmentation (by cities).

Setting up a search campaign:

  1. I use two ads for one key query;
  2. Create A / B test of ad texts;
  3. Compose the ad text with clear offer, deadline and call to action if possible, use Unique Selling Propositions;
  4. Add the product’s price to exclude irrelevant audience;
  5. Set up Dynamic Search Campaigns if needed;
  6. I use ALL the possible ad extensions:
  • Structured snippets;
  • Callouts;
  • Addresses;
  • Call extentions;
  • Links to applications;
  • Sitelinks;
  • Prices,
  • etc.

Google Shopping Ads.

These are small product cards with image, price and product description. An user can decide if he’s interested in your offer even before going to the site. So you won’t pay for worthless clicks. Typically, this campaign type has a good CTR, profitability, often a lower CPC, than standart search ads.

Also, you can run product listing ads directly in the YouTube video!

GDN Setup:

  1. I use all kinds of targeting (audiences, keywords, placements, topics, demographic featutes);
  2. I manually select ad placements (sites, YouTube channels and videos);
  3. I create Negative Keywords lists to exclude irrelevant sites;
  4. I divide targeting settings to create specific ad groups for placement types, mobile applications, and also create a campaign targeted on YouTube, if needed;
  5. I create animated banners using Google Adwords tools;
  6. I adjust targeting settings to get the most relevant audience;
  7. I optimize GDN campaigns to double and triple treir CTR;
  8. I set up cross-targeting;
  9. While managing campaigns I optimize their settings to improve your KPI’s;
  10. I keep audience’s awareness of your brand and do everything to make it aimed.

Remarketing. To reconnect with users who have already visited your website and maintain their interest we use all the possibilities of remarketing. Various conditions are used, for example:

— An user visited a product category, but he didn’t add goods to the shopping cart;

— An user visited a category, added goods to the shopping cart, but didn’t complete the purchase;

— An user made an order (and you want to sale some additional products).

Dynamic remarketing is a great tool which helps to improve the ROAS. Your website’s visitors would see ads that contain products and services they viewed on your site.

Using Search remarketing you may create specific propositions for users who have already visited your site when they search for your product again. You may also «catch» them using less relevant keywords cause you already know they are interested in your products or services and it’s usually cheaper. Or you can adjust bids to show your ads for these people on higher positions.

Additional adjustments

  1. Automatic weather targeting if your business’s indicators are related to weather conditions;
  2. Bid adjustment depending on weather conditions;
  3. Product ads for online stores;
  4. Automatic bids adjustments depending on your comprtitors’ rates;
  5. Bid adjustments by location, gender, device etc. according to your audiences features;
  6. Tracking of Conversions with Google Analytics;
  7. External data import to Google Analytics;
  8. Call-only campaign if calls are your primal target;
  9. Offline metriсs tracking, B2B sales;
  10. Gmail campaigns;
  11. Dynamic Search Ads.